Best Natural Hot Springs Near Sedona, AZ

Natural Hot Springs Near Sedona, AZ – Arizona is known for its mountainous landscape. Going to one of the spas close to Flagstaff is a wonderfully relaxing opportunity. These pools and resorts are among the closest ones to Sedona.

In addition to Sedona’s stunning natural scenery, There are many other things to see. Sedona is the most beautiful location to live and travel in the USA.

The hot spring is a famous destination for visitors from all over the globe. El Dorado Hot spring, Verde Hot spring, and others. They are located close to Sedona. The Sedona hot springs were made popular with travelers.

Best Time For Visiting Sedona Hot Springs

Tourists come to Sedona to get away from the temperatures of Arizona. Sedona is warm in the summer and cold during winter. July is the most sought-after and wettest month, August is the most humid, and January is the cruelest month.

From March to May, the weather stays pleasant and beautiful. The temperature ranges between 20 degrees C 25 and 20deg C. September to November is a great period to go to. The temperatures remain mild and are ideal outdoors.

The highest temperature is 33 degrees C, then drops to 16 degrees C. The ideal time to visit Sedona to visit Arizona is in autumn and spring.


Top 9 Best Natural Hot Springs In Sedona

Here are the Top 9 Best Natural Hot Springs In Sedona to visit.

9. Verde Hot Spring

Verde Hot Spring
Verde Hot Spring

The nearest hot springs in Flagstaff are located just over 100 miles south of the city. However, its rural setting makes it difficult to travel there. Verde Hot Springs was once a resort in the 1920s.

All remains are the remains of some steps, walls, and enclosures around the pools. But, the long and difficult route to these hot water pools is well worth the effort and includes wet areas that vary between 92 deg and 104 deg F.

One of the most popular spots to splash in the water can be found in the art gallery room, an open-air cement area with colorful drawings surrounding the pool.

The best place to soak in the pool is outdoors near the river. Camping enthusiasts can stay up to 5 days in the Childs Dispersed Camping Area, but remember that there is no facility apart from a vault toilet.

8. El Dorado Hot spring

El Dorado Hot spring
El Dorado Hot spring

El Dorado Hot Springs is an unassuming private soaking facility famous for its pure alkaline and clothing-optional pool. It is simple springs resort with tubs made of massive rocks.

However, its views from the tranquil surrounding area are stunning. The guests can pay for a private or public session, and those who would like to stay the night inside their vehicle or tent.

The water base is approximately 111 degrees Celsius, and the minerals contained in it are said to leave skin smooth after just 30 minutes.

7. Castle Hot Springs Resort

Castle Hot Springs Resort
Castle Hot Springs Resort

Just north of the Phoenix region, Castle Hot Springs Resort is a boutique luxury hotel that offers guests an all-inclusive vacation.

The hot springs and the facilities are only available to overnight guests but being able to relax and fully enjoy the resort will be key.

Castle Hot Springs Resort is home to three natural soaking pools set in a desert canyon amid palm trees encased in canopies.

The highest pool is warm, with a temperature of 106 degrees. The middle one is at a moderate 96 deg F, and the third is at a cool 86 deg F.

6. Lake Mead National Recreation Area

Lake Mead National Recreation Area
Lake Mead National Recreation Area

Lake Mead National Recreation Area is one of the top hot springs found in Arizona. It was discovered along the Colorado River, approximately Hoover Dam. To get there, visitors must hike along the canyons.

It’s the largest national recreation area in America. It covers 1.5 million acres and is bordered by mountains, valleys, canyons, and two massive lakes.

The area is popular with boaters and swimmers and fishing, hiking, camping, and cycling through this recreation zone. Hoover Dam is visible from Lake Mead. Hoover Dam is visible from Lake Mead.

5. Kaiser Hot Springs

Kaiser Hot Springs
Kaiser Hot Springs

Visitors must hike on the trail of 1.5 miles to get to Kaiser Hot Springs, taking approximately an hour to get there and return.

Wildlife sightings like horses and mules are likely in the vicinity, so keep your eyes out. This trail and swimming pool are best enjoyed during the autumn or spring seasons in the cooler months outdoors, and camping is readily available close by at the Burro Creek Campground.

The temperature is around 99 degrees, near the point that it is gushing out of the rock; however, most of the pool is around 93 degrees Fahrenheit. While the pool isn’t enough for swimming but it’s deep enough for calf size and ideal for sitting and relaxing.

4. State Park Hot Spring

State Park Hot Spring
State Park Hot Spring

Its State Park Hot Spring in Safford is simply three hours from Phoenix and is a beautiful place to decompress.

Visitors can visit all seasons and obtain more information at the Sedona visitor center.

Beyond spring, various activities such as fishing and hiking are available. RV hookups, cabins, and camping tents can make your trip more exciting.

3. Hot Well Dunes Hot Springs

Hot Well Dunes Hot Springs
Hot Well Dunes Hot Springs

Looking forward to a relaxing beach vacation, But the beach is too far? Take a stroll and camp on the sands of Haeckel Road, Safford.

Chill in the two hot tubs, which are excellent for a relaxing weekend with your companions. The spring temperature ranges between 106 and 99 degrees and is excellent for winter.

2. Kachina Mineral Springs

Kachina Mineral Springs
Kachina Mineral Springs

Kachina Mineral Springs is a spa offering hot mineral baths for groups of up to three guests, massages, reflexology treatments, and other therapies.

Couples and individual packages are offered to those seeking a getaway that offers a chance to relax. There are multiple session packages available too.

Even though Arizona is well-known for its scorching heat, these hot springs are excellent for soaking in different kinds of warmth.

Whether you’re struggling with sore muscles, are suffering from a stressful month, or are simply looking for something new and exciting to do, one of these locations for springs is sure to satisfy your needs.

1. Essence of Tranquility

Essence of Tranquility
Essence of Tranquility

The essence of Tranquility is a private hot spring resort with six hot tubs that give an unwinding natural jacuzzi in Safford, close to Sedona. It has accommodations and facilities for private use to stargaze.

You can bathe in the sizzling springs at this peaceful location. It is ideal for couples. It is about 3 hours from the southeast of Phoenix.

In addition to rooms, take a relaxing massage before getting into hot pools. You can also pick the temperature you prefer before diving into the hot spring water.